The Sterling Lady
Erie Adventures
Here in Spencerport, the docks are WAY above the shopping mall, at street level
we are looking up at our boat, above us.
One of the few vessels the bridge doesn't have to open for
Lots and Lots of Ducks on the ol Erie----->>
<<------Played a rousing round of music Bingo at the Gally Bar and grill
A working Tug on the Erie

All the locks and all the Erie equipment is painted in Erie CAnal colors.
As we go "around" Syracuse",
we go thru many many bridges...

and go under these Highway sighns-->>
The Erie Yacht Club needs to work on their building fund.
The farther west you go, the straighter the canal gets.

Easy navigation, no markers needed.
Ok, here is is,
the abolutly perfect Erie canal picture.
This is NOT phot shopped.
Wow, we got lucky on this one.

Please , do not copy or use this picture without my consent.
Brockports exellent free docks give you access to another 
boater friendly town.
The appoach to Albions free docks,,and the magnificent old Sandstone buildings in town but the real attraction for me is.....
ONe of the largest indoor train displays, 

exellent place to see.
This time our visit to the Gally Restuarant was much better.!
This is one of the original Erie canal Locks.

10 ft . wide, 3 ft deep------>>.

Saw this guy on the Erie, kinda made me homesick.
Wonder what he does with that in Winter??
Need a garage for your boat??
Good ider if you live up north.
U gotta love 
the vista's on the 
Erie Canal
Tonawanda, the last stop on  the western Erie Canal.
In Tonawanda, 
we rented this Toy Car, 
and drove back to Pirates Cove Marina, 
to pick up the truck and Boat trailer we had left there.

We loaded up the boat and headed home. 

ANother great Erie canal trip completed.
I will be back again, and again!