Cruises of 
the Sterling Lady
After a fun weekend in ST. Augustine, we loaded up the boat on the trailer at high tide, and headed north, WAY NORTH to Joe Wheeler State park, in Tennessee.
<<<---- This is a for real ad we found in a local Tennesee paper, no kidding.

Corn holing isn't what you think.
I gave a couple of talks at the AGLCA in Joe WHeeler, one on the ICW from Key West to Jacksonville, and the other on the OkeeChobee waterway.
THis is a photo of the moringing fog you typically get on the river system.
This is the new propane powered outboard (on the right) vs the old school 4 stroke.  Not sure of the advantages.
We splashed the Bayliner 246, and got a slip at Joe Wheeler for $24 a day! wow.
Re Hung the platinum flag, you have to take all that down when you tow at 60 mph.
I do believe I have the smallest boat flying the platinum flag.
We arrived early at Joe Wheeler, so we did an overnite road trip (without the boat) to Nashville.
So many bars, so little time... much like Key West.
Our home at Joe Wheeler.
Joe Wheeler has LOTS of Deers. Saw them every day.
Sunsets weren't bad for Tennesee either.
Our mornin view from the aft deck. Not bad eh.
So we loaded up the Bayliner, and did  a road trip to Memphis to see the Elvis Pad.

He was NOT there.
Then is was time to "go Home" to Key Largo...But this time, we left our bayliner at Wayne and Lynn farm in Tennesee, till next may when we will pick her up and trailer the boat to do the Erie Canal again, one of my favorite cruising spots.
Helping Bring Where's Linda cross the Okeechobee Waterway
The MV "Where's Linda" is a 48 ft. Welcraft Californian. Wow!
Budget, who will pick you up and drop u off, almost always, 
rented us a one way ford for our 70 mile drive across Florida to meet up with Pete and Linda on the "Where's Linda" waiting at Legacy Marine, Ft. Myers Fl.

The Sugar industry was burning the sugar fields.
Got a 10 am start across Lake Okeechobee Waterway.
Noticed, LaBelle, had totally rebuilt their FREE docks, looks like they added 30 amp too.
The first day we made it 35 miles and thru two locks to Riverforest Yachting Center, just east of Ortona lock. Nice Facility.
sunrise at Riverforest.
When we got to the rim of Lake O, there was lots and lots of bird life.
Every time we docked, Linda put on her "madona" outfit.
At the end of Day 2 we docked at Roland Martins Marina.

This used to be a favorite stop of mine, but no so much anymore.

The marina is run down,expensive for what it is and........
Gloria, Gloria Vanderbuilts old limo, had run it's final Duty and courtesy car.
They are not going to replace her, and honestly ,one of the great features of this marina was the courtesy car for wall mart, etc. Only place on the Okee that had that.
Next time we may just stop at Moore Haven, for only $1 a foot.
Roland Martins does offer Kodak Film , however.
A crisis was avoided, as we where low on Bacardi Lemon, and luckily , Brenda's Place is a bar and package store,

Brenda's is an old bank building, they keep the beer in the Safe, 
they also have.....
A BassAGator    --------->>>>>
Brenda's Toilet Paper holder is very secure.

Made from  Iron u bar, and LOCKED down.

Nobody steals Brenda's TP!!!!
Day 3 , crossing Lake Okeechobee gave Capt. Pete an opportunity to blow out the Cat's, so we crossed about half the lake at 20 knots. Wow, as I am used to 7 knots.
You can see by the wake behind the boat, we are moving pretty good, on plane. and you can also see by the position of the girls hands, The Makeup has not been applied yet.
The Endevor is still for sale on the east canal of the Okee Waterway, If your looking for a fix er upper.
If you know the owner of Kemosabe of West Palm Beach, you might tell his so called captain knows not of monitoring channel 16, or what a slow pass is. 
Not to menton the erosion of the banks of the chanel.
Thanks to Pete and Linda, on the MV Where's Linda for a fun trip across the Lake Okeechobee Waterway!!!!

Finally, moved into the new canal home in Key Largo, got it livable(twas a fixer upper big time)
and tomorrow will head to Indian town Marina to get the lady ready to bring to her new home.
Here , in Indian Town Marina, Florida, is where the lady has been waiting on the hard, for us to come bail her out and bring her home.
The mildew had takend over the outside of the boat, but the inside is good.
Tomorrow we do a bottom job, zincs, running gear painting, and a good bleaching of the exterior. 
Hopefully, the Lady will be splashed Monday, and back in Key largo in 5 days.
March 2014

After 9 long months, LONG, we finally retuned to the Lady in Indian Town Marina.

Took her to the work area($300)
and the effort begings.
Indian Town Marina is relativly inexpensive, butt....

While the boat sits there, you get ash from the sugar fields on the boat, the ash has has bacteria that forms mold and ildew on the boat exterior.

Long story short, the white Sterling Lady was almost green and black from mold, ash , and mildew.

We spent 5 days bleaching, then washing , then sno bowing the hull, and doing the whole process again.


On the 6th day, we bottom painted.

Hired my Grandson Cody, his buddy, and my daughter Jen and her husband came to help.

We used the new water based bottom paint, I will let you know how it works. '

Clean up was easy.

See how white the hull is, Dollar store Sno Bowl.

Works great!!
After 7 days in the yard, 
we headed out , on the South fork of the Okeechobee , heade to Key Largo
Once again we stoped at old port cove , one of my favorite icw stops. Had "dinner" at 2 for one drinks Duffys.
The boat show was going on in West Palm Beach.
I wouldn't really call it a boat show, it was more of a "I have money and want a Show off boat," Show.
Who are these people??
STayed at the swimmers hall of fame marina, which luckily is walable to Bahia Cabana, a fun cheaper Bar and GRill.
JIll, the Admiral , decide we needed bamboo for the home dock for privacy..

So we hauled two bamboo plants back from Stuart .

The fact I have never seen BAmboo in Key Largo, din't seem to matter.
On a different NOte,
we did a sunset cruise with friends, 
and were introduce to 
"red neck Sushi"

Pickles rolled in Ham and manonnaise,

Pretty good actually!
<------The Lady in the sling headed to the H2OThe The Water.
Did I forget to mention there was a bit of traffic in the St. Lucie Lock?
In Jupiter, we passed this Party ready Tiki Hut bar 

IN Lauderdale, the Taxi's where runing full with spring breakers.
And if you ever stay at Sunset Bay Marina in Stuart, 
You have to leave well before 8 am, or after 9 am,

The trains keep the Rosevelt bridge locked down till then.

Just a heads up.
On the left a Grand BAnks wooden boat, on the right a fiberglass Grand BAnks .

You choose,

fiberglass of course.
and finally,

after 7 days in the boat yard,

and 4 days traveling, 

the Sterling Lady is home at her new dock in Key Largo Florida, 
behind the house.