The Voyages, trials and tribulations of 
the Sterling Lady and crew
Finally, here rests the Sterling Lady, at home in her new slip, behing our "new to us" home here in Key Largo, with 6 inches to spare!!
Loading up the truck to head back to Michie Tenn, and places north to do a month on the Erie canal!
Going to pick up the Bayliner , at mitchie , and then St. Louis, and the Erie.
July 10th
After stops in Stuart, Daytona, Tenn, and ST. Louis, we arived in Clay NY on the Erie Canal.

THis is Seneca Falls free docks. A nice short side trip on the Erie.
The first of many great stops on this Erie Canal Trip.
As the norm, free Docks, with free electric, showers and laundry.
Balswinsville, has all the fee stuff, and a pretty good sized town, nice dockage, Concerts also
I got a bit ahead of myself here, so lets start this again, with a map of the Erie Canal. We trailered the Boat to Clay, NY, to Pirates Cove Marina, which is in the center of the canal, above the red squareon the map.
Pirates Cove Marina, is a great facilty for cruisers
the friendly helpfull staff , good fixed docks with electric and
a great place to store our truck and trailer, not expesive at all.
Before I forget, 
a special thanks to Dodie for letting us use his side yard to clean the boat.
The boat was sun faded on the Blue, so we used De Oxing, to clean it up and make is shine, it worked great for elemination oxidation.
And we are off, locks usually were open and waiting for us.
We succesfully used the "Capt. Sterling's Looper Loop"
on a smaller boat you have to loop it pretty tight. 
Works alot better on a bigger boat.
With very few exceptions, nearly EVERY town on the Erie offers free dockage, with electric and water, and some with even more.

In Lyons, they had a snow plow, don't see many of those back home in Key Largo.
Found this Fixer Upper along the Erie, 
for those who have nothing to do , and lots of time and money on their hands.
If you have a single engine boat, and a pretty good size dinghy with a decent size motor,
this is an exellent way to tow it.

Gives you a get home motor if needed, and is secured to the transom.

Newark not only offers free dockage with electric water , and showers,
they also have a free laundry!
<------ Got some local info from this guard,,,,
Docks are painted with this.
When is the last time 
you have seen

<----one of these


One of these ------>
Breakfast for two for $10.75!!!
Food and  bar drinks were cheaper that home,
Alcholol by the bottle was $$?? Din't ask .
Guard Gates (flood gates) are used to control the water levels. Some parts of the Erie are drained during winter months.